Community Nutrition & Culinary Workshops

Simply educating people about the characteristics of a healthy diet is not sufficient. To sustain behavior change, individuals need to acquire the skill set, which is gained and reinforced through practical experience.

Ruth works with community organizations to provide hands-on nutrition education and training.  Her workshops focus how patients and caregivers can bring the “nutrition prescription” home and make it come to life in their own kitchen. Through discussion, activities and hands-on cooking people learn practical ways to implement a cancer-supportive diet.

Ruth’s workshops often bring together a medical expert, dietary expert and her, a nutrition and culinary expert, to demonstrate how to manage cancer through diet.

Workshops are customized for the particular audience and range from 2-4 hours.

Her organizational clients have included:

  • Friends in Deed, New York, New York
  • Smith Center for Healing and the Arts, Washington, DC
  • Life with Cancer, Fairfax, Virginia
  • Center for Building Hope, Sarasota, Florida,
  • First Descents, Outdoor Adventures for Cancer Fighters, Denver, Colorado

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+ Praise from some of these organizations

Please accept my abundant thanks for another extraordinary workshop session. It was the perfect culmination of our six part series, and we have certainly learned how important this program is for our community.

We have longed for the opportunity to provide our clients with more practical nutritional information. This workshop series has been a great start and we are so grateful to you for sharing your considerable knowledge and skills to make this such a popular program. Combining practical information with a cooking demonstration, culminating with eating has made good nutrition real and attainable for our clients. Warmest.. Robert

I found the Nourishing Foods Class extremely fun and informative. The class combined lecture, cooking demos and hands-on food prep to teach us how to eat healthful and balanced meals to prevent and manage cancer and the effects of treatment. A must-take class for anyone living with cancer, caring for someone with cancer, or who wants to otherwise eat a healthful, cancer-fighting diet." -- Madeline Caliendo

Learning about being healthy through delicious food, and enjoying every bite, with warm supportive leaders and participants is a great way to spend a few hours.

Very fun, inspiring and interesting class. Facilitators were top notch. Recipes were truly unexpected. We made a delicious chocolate mousse dessert that used avocado as its base. Who would have thought?

The reason the class worked very well for me is that I was able to talk to both Chefs about my food issues. I made the changes recommended including no milk and my quality of life has improved. I have invited people over to share in the recipes made on Saturday and it should be fun.

Thank you again for the FABULOUS program yesterday! It was exactly the kind of program I have wanted to provide but couldn’t find anyone as knowledgeable in the issues faced by cancer patients as well as with the nutritional and cooking expertise. Thank you thank you!

I think it was very clear how much all the participants appreciated and enjoyed the program. Not only were the soups delicious, but more importantly, the education about how, what, and why to eat, was worth its weight in gold. Of course, everyone is asking for an encore performance.

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Food Education & Training Programs

Ruth combines her culinary and organizational experience to design effective healthy food and counseling programs.  

  • Ruth works with public schools to design curriculum and implement educational training programs to improve cafeteria food. She trains school staff on how to prepare made-from-scratch healthy meals that students will enjoy.

  • Ruth works with health professionals (including nutritionists, dietitians, medical students, culinary students and others) who provide dietary counseling to people with health issues, translating their nutritional recommendations into simple, practical steps that clients can apply in their daily lives.

Nutrition & Culinary Counseling

Ruth combines her nutrition and culinary training to create sensible and effective meal plans for individuals and families going through a health crisis.

Ruth does not advocate a specific diet, so no rigid rules to follow. Rather, she uses a whole foods approach, and a variety of foods and colors are her primary tools.

  • She helps you translate the “nutrition prescription” into actual meals.
  • She equips individuals and families with practical information and the skill-set needed to choose foods that help fight cancer, and those that minimize the risk of recurrence.
  • She will equip you with practical food solutions to common problems patients experience during cancer treatment, such as taste changes, decreased appetite, nausea, vomiting, and others.

Services range from preparing your health supportive meals to teaching/training a caregiver on ways to implement a cancer supportive diet.

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+ Here is what some of her clients are saying:

Ruth you are a miracle worker. I am a devotee, fan, admirer forever. After I ate the meal, and continued to drink the water - I began feeling stronger and stronger.

I always believed in this, but felt and experienced it dramatically today. I went from eating chicken broth, jello, sherbet and white bread, which seemed to drain my energy and leave me more hungry, to the most delicious and flavorful real meal that gave me energy, felt like it was revitalizing my organs and blood... and gave me something to look forward to.

Thank you again. You are part of my healing -- and I am very grateful. I hope to be back in gear by the weekend, and look forward to seeing you again and working together soon. X Bruce always...your food is amazing. The salmon burgers were epic....and I finished the chicken last night. The parfaits seem to give me more energy all day than ever....although I’m getting stronger. xo Jim

Hi Ruth.....Just want to tell you how beautiful the food is and how much I appreciated getting home last night and having a refrigerator full of wonderful, healthy food. I feel so much better when there is healthy food here to eat.

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